Does your construction firm have the management tools to be the best it can be?

Learn how Time Saver can help!

What is Construction Management 365?

    Construction Management 365 by Time Saver Technologies is a web based project management software as a service designed specifically for construction companies. Built on Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud, Construction Management 365 provides the contractor with organized, efficient, and prioritized access to their construction project information.
    Construction Management 365 enables your construction company to:
    • Efficiently keep track of the ever-changing information that is associated with a construction project
    • Organize and identify critical action items, and prioritize these items for your Superintendent and job site team
    • Create an individual home page for each project; the Project Manager can easily browse through several projects
    • Proactively manage the submittal process and prioritize the approval process for your Design Team based on schedule impact
    • Quickly move between organized views of all schedules, Submittal Logs, RFI Logs, Action Items, Quality Control Logs, Safety Logs and Calendars.
    • Give your design team, owners, construction team and subcontractors access to portions of the site utilizing unique permissions based on that user’s role with the project team.
    • Automatically send email alerts to the design team, owners, construction team, and subcontractors when their portion of the work has changed
    • Login, view and update your project information from any computer with an internet connection.
    • Upload project documents, announcements, site inspection dates, and current pictures to your project’s home page; keeping all your project information organized in one location
    • Quickly and easily print a meeting agenda by printing your project’s home page

"Our biggest and best leap forward has been instituting Time Saver Technologies software."

    -Ron Hagood, C.E.O. Operations, BRATH Inc. General Contractor