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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) involves the creation of 3D and 4D models of your project in order to facilitate design and construction. BIM has quickly grown in popularity over the last decade, and we are seeing more and more project owners request that BIM be utilized on their projects. Our BIM Services can benefit the contractor, as well as the entire project team.

Benefits of TimeSaver Technologies BIM Services:

  • TimeSaver uses Autodesk Navisworks to perform clash detection on the design and any changes necessary can be incorporated into the design, saving time and money. A more accurate design will provide you with more accurate bidding documents and pricing, and a smoother construction process.
  • TimeSaver will use the models to accurately quantify materials, for use in reviewing your own material take-offs and subcontractor quotes. For example, we can quickly come up with the exact square footage of the exterior for masonry and can check the amounts the subcontractors used in their bids.
  • TimeSaver's constructability and clash detection team combines 30 years of construction experience with the technical expertise of our 3D modelers.
  • TimeSaver can integrate with your subcontracting team to help them produce 3D shop drawings. These shop drawings can be utilized to run clash detection with the design model.
  • TimeSaver will link the complete project schedule to the models, creating a 4D model. This can help eliminate on site personnel scheduling conflicts.
  • The model allows for better visual understanding of the project by all parties. We have found that it is very helpful to an owner to be able to “walk through” their building while it is still being designed.
  • Utilizing Autodesk Navisworks we can generate a walk through video or provide a point of view of the project from anywhere in the building.
  • The model is updated during construction and will serve as accurate record drawings for the owner and facility operators.

BIM Case Study:

TimeSaver Technologies is currently providing BIM Services for a construction company on a sports facility project. Our clash detection process discovered 65 conflicts between the architectural, structural, and MEP models. TimeSaver Technologies provided clash detection reports with detailed element ID numbers and clash point coordinates, so the design team could easily identify and make corrections to the design.