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Schedule Management


Construction Scheduling Services

Build Initial Project Schedule

Time Saver Technologies can build you a custom schedule for your project. Our personnel have construction job site field experience which enables us to build you a detailed accurate project schedule. We will do a detailed plan review of the contract documents identifying proper task coordination. This coordination will utilize logic that incorporates the quality control process into the project schedule. Our team will produce a detailed accurate project schedule that your field team can believe in and use as a tool to build the project. You do not have to purchase scheduling software or have qualified on-site staff to receive the benefits of scheduling software. Let our expert staff take care of the details.

Weekly Schedule Updates

Time Saver Technologies can update the project schedule on a weekly basis by working with your field personnel. The schedule updates and modifications can be made by our expert staff and then the update can be published to our Construction Management 365 site, or through emailed schedule reports to your staff. We can provide a 3-week schedule report through the web site or by email. This report can be reviewed and accepted by your field staff to ensure coordination between the schedule and the field personnel’s scheduled activities. This 3-week schedule will also identify the current 3-week critical tasks. This will help see that the team is focused on driving the project towards this 3-week critical goal.