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Our Software Solution: Construction Management 365

Construction Management 365

Construction Management 365 is a web based project management solution that is built on Microsoft Office 365. Our solution is licensed as a Software as a Service on a monthly per user fee. This application provides organized, efficient, prioritized, web based access to construction project information.

Keeping up with the ever changing information that is associated with a construction project is a challenging task. Being able to organize and identify prioritized critical action items is an even more challenging task. Construction Management 365 provides a construction company with a project workspace for each project that utilizes our schedule management processes and workflows to identify and organize that project’s prioritized critical action items.

Construction Management 365 will make team members' lives better because they will know that they have control of the project’s direction and because they have executed the priorities assigned to them on the project in such a way that enables the team to succeed. This will give the team member more confidence to exceed their previous performance on a project. They can spend less time worrying if there is something they missed that might cause the team to not reach their goals.

Key Benefits of Construction Management 365:

Schedule Management

  • Web Access to the current updated project schedule is available to all project team members
  • Email alerts are sent out to the team as the schedule is updated and published
  • Subcontractors have immediate access to the current schedule
  • Subcontractors can collaborate with the General Contractor’s team by giving schedule execution commitments
  • Subcontractors can organize and manage their tasks for multiple projects with the General Contractor

Material Procurement Management

  • The Submittal Log integrates with the Project Schedule to calculate a Material Order Date.
  • The "Action Items" view is organized by Material Order date and filtered for outstanding submittals.


  • Secure log on by each user
  • Role Based permissions given to each individual user
  • Users can access only the information that is associated with their role in the project

Issue and Risk Management

  • Issues and RFIs are managed within the site for the entire team to manage
  • The "Action Items" view of logs organizes outstanding issues for easy management around project impact
  • Action Items are noted and managed
  • Includes a Safety Action Items log
  • Includes a Quality Control Action Items log
  • Includes a Site Inspections Action log

Document Management

  • Secure management and access of all digital project files
  • Role based user permissions allows you to manage the access to project documents folder
  • Contract Design Documents can be stored on site to enable collaboration
  • Eliminates the need to spend time and money managing paper through sending and receiving faxes
  • Digital Archiving of Project documents is made easy by having all information in one place


  • Web access enables a team to communicate project information any where and any time
  • Contractor’s field management and remote executive management teams can collaborate on the same info
  • The project home page can be printed and utilized as an agenda for team meetings
  • Set up email alerts so users can be notified of changes in information within the site
  • No need for each team to keep their separate version of logs
  • Everyone has access to the same document, which creates “One version of the truth”